Welcome to ZhYic's Blog!

Name: ZhYic

Sex: male

Birthday: in spring

Age: in range of Highschool ages

Profession: Student(in fact just watering)

Hobbies: in fond of C++,Web(a bit,just mess around),loves sightseeing,loves art

ZhYic is A vegetable OIer.

Whose Grades are always not good.

So he escaped from academic subjects ans come to Chicken Room to play.

He learned a bit of HTML/CSS/JavaScript at home by himself, with the help of search engine, W3school and many warm-hearted people whose blogs are of much practicle experience.

And NOIP2018 is coming soon, he is very worried about his easy life, so he turns to the Immortals in his school for help.

The Immortals are: